CA> Also, am I correct in assuming that all the wires in the     
 CA> primary circuit should be able to carry at least as much     
 CA> current as the primary winding?  I always  hear about        
 CA> "heavy" wire, but it doesn't make sense to use beefy tubing  
 CA> in the primary coil if most of the wire in the primary       
 CA> circuit is any smaller  (higher resistance).

 RQ> You figure correctly. The tank circuit conductors must be    
 RQ> heavy, regardless if you are talking about spark gap and     
 RQ> capacitor connectors, or the primary coil. Richard Quick

I assume everyone understands that we are talking about the 
Tesla Tank circuit above, which includes (as above) the: spark
gap, capacitor(s) primary coil, and any bussing used to connect
these components.

The supply side of the circuit, which is not an oscillating
"tank" would include: the step up xfmr, the RF chokes, bypass
capacitors, and any low current wiring used to connect these
components. There are no heavy currents in the HV supply to 
the Tesla Tank.

Richard Quick
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[ Yeah, I should have been more precise.  I did indeed mean
  the primary tank circuit.  Oops.  Chip ]