Tesla's Earth Resonance

> dwp> The DR Corum I met was a PhD in Emag. A Radio Engineer, of
> dwp> the higher level. I do not recall his comments on how       
> dwp> closely the earth is modelled by "perfectly conducting".

>Which is why I always try to provide references, or, why I am
>always prepared to name references.

	And a most excellent practice it is.  But.  When the shelf of books
	gets long, or the knowledge gets acquired at various times, it is,
	imo, better to state that the study exists, even if a reference is not
 	to hand, than to deny that the knowledge exists.

>  "In this note we discuss the issue of low Q for the Schumann    
>  cavity and its effect on global power distribution. We deter-   
>  mined that the observed Q is attributable to shunt atmospheric
>  conductivity, and as such is equivalent to the excitation loss
>  of conventional power transformers. We conclude that low Q is
>  not an issue of substance for global power distribution in      
>  Tesla's system."

>To accurately paraphrase, they included excitation and resistance
>losses and determined that even though the earth is far from
>"perfectly conducting" it conducts resonate current rather well.
	OK.  I THINK i have those, tho it has been some time since i read them.
	Had that been written some days ago, we'd have saved some excitement...

>Remember that Tesla designed the 60 cycle power grid, and never
>backed down from his statement that the worldwide wireless system
>was even more efficient.
	We shall see.  As to the SYSTEM i remain open minded.  As to Tesla
	never backing down, well, i can site lots of examples of "founding
	figures" who never backed down from erroneous beliefs (Einstein comes to
	mind, as the most parallel parallel....).  I was browsing some more of
	the back postings, and there was a comment, i ferget who that Tesla was
	either 100 years beyond, or a liar.  Well, black and white sorting of
	things is easy, but not neccesarily accurate, especially on something
	as complex as a human peronality, especially a COMPLEX human
	personality. At a minimum, a third possibility, that in some things he
	was mistaken exists.

	I have seen two proposed mechanisms, one involves earth currents.
	straight math as to the loss of power inthe measurable earth resistance
	(not the point contact, the bulk material) makes that, as near as i can
	see implausible.

	The second involves waveguide effect, between a conducting earth and
	ionosphere.  This is less subject to surface losses, tho i have my
	doubts.  If Corum and Corum are satisfied, the doubts decrease.  My
	concern here is how does one get enough of the power at a specific
	point to be useful?