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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 00:46:34 +0200 (EET)
From: Kristian Tapani Ukkonen <kukkonen-at-snakemail.hut.fi>
To: Richard Quick <richard.quick-at-slug.st-louis.mo.us>

On Thu, 5 Jan 1995, Richard Quick wrote:

> Ahhh, 10^-6 meters = a micrometer? I believe I have an instrument
> of the same name that measures exceedingly small thicknesses for
> delicate machining work.

Exactly :)
> lengths of the foil; by doubling up the plate into two layers,
> the sheet of foil can be folded and continued over to the next
> plate without having to cut and wire each plate individually.

Yes, and I'll get thicker plates as well..

> with oil as it returns to normal pressure. I pump down a second
> time and repeat the proceedure. This is gentle way to get the oil
> into all of the nooks and crannies. Tesla patented a very similar
> method using a "hot wax" treatment.

You did pour the oil off the cap-tank before pumping it to vacuum
the second time - and inserted the same oil again after pumping, right?

About the cap-plates.. 
How meticulously smooth do the ld-pe plates have to be - I got a batch
of .2 mm thick ld-pe plastic for free but it does have little "dents"
because of little particles that were between turns of the roll..
These "dents" are not holes - they are just - well - dents :) Could
I use these "little" damaged sheets?
(This particular brand is "shady" - not completely transparent)

About the x-former oil for the caps..
I found a source for "used" x-former oil - a local company test-uses
their hv x-formers in the oil - then discards this oil - and puts in
fresh oil.. Could the discarded oil be used or will it be too
contaminated - what do you think? This oil would be for free..

About spark-gaps..
Have you ever tried with a spark-gap that has one electrode with a
"pin" at the end and the other "normal" flat-ended electrode.. Someone 
posted to sci.electronics about a year ago that he had got better results
with the set-up above than with normal electrodes.. He did say
that two sharp electrodes did not work well at all - which sounds


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