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>On Sat, 14 Jan 1995, Richard Quick wrote:

About di-electric plates for a cap.. 

> the defects will probably not be apparent if the power supply is 
> rated for 10 kV. If you never intend to place a higher voltage 
> transformer across it you should be just fine.

It appears that I shall have to use 8kV 105mA for running the system
so the voltage-rating is more than enough.. and the x-former oil should
fill the dents anyway if they don't get fixed as I press the plates

> As far as the chemical purity of the plastic, pure ldpe has a 
> soft milky appearance in these thicknesses. 

That's exactly the appearance of my plastic - Great!

About moisture content of the capacitor insulating oil...
> but in these caps a little moisture will not hurt much. You can 
> pour the oil over dessicant in the filter paper if you are concerned, 
> it will reduce the water content quite a bit.

..and by leaving a little "empty" space to the bottom of the tank between
the bottom-plate and the cap-plates - the water should gather there because
of density-differencies..

btw: I do now have the electrodes ready for the airblast-spark.gap with
the holes in the middle of the end-faces as you described.. I'll soon
make a base for the electrodes using acrylic plastic so that the both
electrodes are fixed to the base but part of the base is mobile compared
to the other electrode - aka I can adjust the distance between electrodes
without having to touch/turn them like in your design.. They are not
of brass but bronze - I guess that is does not matter as the m.p. is higher..


  Kristian Ukkonen.
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