Mc> I finished making the toroid- it was a real hard job getting 
 Mc> the ridges out of the toroid- next time I make one I think I 
 Mc> will use a car or motorcycle inner tube and use paper mache 
 Mc> to make a smooth form. 

It is not essntial that the toroid be perfectly smooth. Sounds like
you did a good job putting this essential component together.

 Mc> BTW, what kind of aluminium tape do you use to cover the toroid 
 Mc> with? I used this stuff called Denco tape- the top of the tape 
 Mc> is electrically conductive aluminium but the bottom of it is 
 Mc> covered in glue that forms an insulating layer. Now that the 
 Mc> toroid is covered my multimeter shows that one part of the toroid 
 Mc> is electrically insulated from the other but when I put 15000 volts
 Mc> thru it from a small flyback transformer it conducts ok. Do you 
 Mc> think that the toroid should be electrically conductive at low 
 Mc> voltages as well- I know that at Tesla voltages and frequencies 
 Mc> that the insulation on the tape will be no barrier but I worry 
 Mc> about the heat that may be generated and may burn thru the tape,
 Mc> by HV jumping thru the insulating layer. 

I would not worry about it. This toroid sounds fine. RF at these
voltages is a surface conductor, so there will be no appreciable
transfer of energy through the glue. The energy will "crawl" over 
the exposed surface, right over any isolated sections, rather
than conduct through.

 Mc> For a spark gap I am going to try one of your 6 inch plastic pipe
 Mc> static gaps.

As I wrote the other day, this is a good gap design.

 Mc> Anyway I am having a lot of fun and am really learning a lot by
 Mc> reading your posts. BTW have you ever considered writing a book 
 Mc> on making Tesla coils, experiments to do with them etc. I'm sure 
 Mc> that it would sell really well! 

As I have tried to make clear, I am doing my best to give as much
information away for free as is possible. I send my archives out 
for free, charge the minimum possible for the video tape, and try
to take time to give a good answer here whenever possible.

I am not in this for the money, and if I wrote a book I feel I would
have to charge for it.

Richard Quick
... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!
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