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I sent you an email reply several days ago after I read your paper but I
guess it must have been eaten by the internet gremlins. In the reply I also
mentioned that I had started winding my secondary coil with 0.71 mm wire but
that I had only got 22 inches along the tube before I ran out of wire. I
asked you if it would be ok to splice more wire onto the end and continue
winding. In the end I decided to rewind the whole coil with new wire- I've
just finished it and given it its first coat of polyurethane- it looks great.
It is 30 inches in length- I know that the aspect ratio is a bit high but I
wanted to be sure that I had a 1000 turns of wire on the form.

I finished making the toroid- it was a real hard job getting the ridges out
of the toroid- next time I make one I think I will use a car or motorcycle
inner tube and use paper mache to make a smooth form. BTW what kind of
aluminium tape do you use to cover the toroid with? I used this stuff called
Denco tape- the top of the tape is electrically conductive aluminium but the
bottom of it is covered in glue that forms an insulating layer. Now that the
toroid is covered my multimeter shows that one part of the toroid is
electrically insulated from the other but when I put 15000 volts thru it from
a small flyback transformer it conducts ok. Do you think that the toroid
should be electrically conductive at low voltages as well- I know that at
Tesla voltages and frequencies that the insulation on the tape will be no
barrier but I worry about the heat that may be generated and may burn thru
the tape, by HV jumping thru the insulating layer.

For a spark gap I am going to try one of your 6 inch plastic pipe static

I cant wait to start experimenting with counterpoises etc but I think the
thing that will take me the most time to build will be the capacitors. I have
the tanks all made but finding 1-2mm thick polythene over here is real
difficult. I think that I will probably end up just using about 8 sheets of
thin polythene film and overlaying them but before I do this I will have one
more good look for the right stuff. ( I bought a big roll of what looked like
the stuff a couple of weeks ago- it was 1 mm thick and flexible- anyway I
spent $60 on a 4 metre length but when I got it home it turned out to be the
dreaded PVC! UGH!

Anyway I am having a lot of fun and am really learning a lot by reading your
posts. BTW have you ever considered writing a book on making Tesla coils,
experiments to do with them etc. I'm sure that it would sell really well!

Best Regards,

-- Mark
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