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Sorry about not responding sooner.  I did get the video.  I have watched 
most, but not all of it.  It is very exciting and informative.  My only
complaint would have to be that I get sort of sea-sick watching it for
too long.  I have started into the files as well and am finding that
to be good info also.  I need more time to work on this than I have
right now, but I get in a little here and there. Like today.

Today I went to see a local neon guy.  He does scientific glasswork
and neon and related art stuff on the side.  Someone told me about him
and that he had a coil, so I called him up.  The coil that he has was 
bought from a friend that he has lost track of and was damaged by 
someone else that he rented it to.  It needs some repair, but he 
claims the discharges are 3-4 feet.  I may help him get it going again.
The really interesting part was some stuff that he gave me.
    -a box of 2 1/2" and 5" wide rolls of what we think might be mica.
It is about the thickness of paper and is fairly fragile.  The guy that
sold him the coil gave it to him.  Said he could make coils with it.
Maybe he meant caps. You got any ideas on this?
     -a couple of old transformers, working. a 12/60 and a 12/30.  I own
a 12/30 now.  Could these 3 be used in parallel?  Its the voltages that
have to match, correct?
     -a plexi cabinet that contains a transformer that is 118VAC primary
with a 75KVDC secondary.  Holy shit!  The thing is the size of a one 
gallon can with a 3" by 8" tall porcelain insulator sticking out the top.
What can I do with this?
     -also in the cabinet are 4 caps.  They are .0002micro at 40KVDC.
These and the transformer are by Plastic Capacitors.

I believe I finally have all the info I need to get a coil going.  It
is just time and money now.  Thanks again for everything.

Did anything ever come out of the powering the laser concept that
you were discussing in Oct-93?

Mark R. Napier


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