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The DC transformer I mentioned in my previous post is rated at 1.5 MA.
It is set up with a complete control circuit, including a switch, a small
variac, a meter, and RF chokes and bypass caps across the primary and 
ground lugs.  The primary is 118 VAC, 50-500 CPS.  I can make a Jacob's
ladder from this?  One side + and the other - ?  If that works I expect
it would require a dedicated ground or could it be filtered back into 
the house ground?  

This would be great.  I have been visualizing a Jacob's ladder in an
inclosure that I could put in the living room.  It would have a proximity
or pressure switch that would turn it on when someone walked up to it.

Today I have been cleaning up my new components and reading your files.
I am working out in my head what size or direction to go in.  I do want
to start small to medium.  I would like to work with what I have as much
as I can to save money.

What I have:

Power supplies - 15/60 (1), 12/60 (1), 12/30 (2).  Right now I have the 
15/60 hooked up to the tank that isn't working.  Think I'll swap it for the 
12/60 to keep from taxing the
Caps - six Sprague hockey pucks, .004, 30KV.  Using 4 of these in parallel
in the current tank.  A little cloudy on how these operate in series.
If caps are in series do you get more voltage rating with the same 
capacitance as a single, (I'm assuming identical caps)?  And in a balanced
tank config do I use 2 in parallel on each side of the primary or do
I need 4 on each side?  My guess is 4 on each side.  This would maintain
the original capacitance of the "unbalanced" circuit.  It would balance 
the circuit and also increase the voltage capacity of the caps (tank) as
a whole. (I hope you can understand this what I'm trying to get across.
I haven't figured out how to edit this yet).
Gaps - 4 tungsten-faced gaps from arc welders.  They are mounted in Al
clamps with lots of cooling fins.  The faces are 3/8" dia.  They are 
in series and set at .03" right now.
Primary - 8 turns of 1/8" copper tubing in a flat spiral.  I take it this is 
too small?  I plan to upgrade this.
Secondary - 2" by 15" of #22 magnet wire (Belden), which comes out to 550
turns.  The ratio is way off and the wire length too short, I think.
I have a 4" diameter lexan tube standing by that I would like to start
from on this next attempt.  My existing secondary has a 1 3/4" by 7"
Al toroid.

My goals are to start a larger coil with higher Q, and rework the existing 
one to see what I can get out of it.  If I beef up the primary and change 
to a saucer config?  Or is the secondary size ratio too far out?

I noticed all the toys you have in your garage.  I hope you did not lose
anything in the flooding.

Uhh.  I'll be sure to get some specs on the coil that I saw the other day 
and let you know.  I should have posted this to the mailing list also,
but I keep hitting the reply command straight back to you.  

Living to learn,

Mark R. Napier

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