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 Ku> You don't happen to have saved any of the pre-100593         
 Ku> messages? or after 190994 to fido?

Nope. All of the good stuff, with the exception of one spark gap
project, was archived. I started keeping records about the time
interest my FIDO postings was taking off, and I stopped when
interest fell off. Now I post here of course. You should have
just about everything.

 Ku> I could easily get some .7mm diameter wire (about #21 awg)   
 Ku> for my secondary but it is single-coated only.. Do you think 
 Ku> that it'll be ok?

Well, my wire charts show that number #21 AWG copper magnet wire
has a diameter of about .0285 inches. = about .7239 inches, so
the size sounds ideal. If the coil form, and completed coil, are
both properly sealed and you fire with the proper discharger I
see no reason why it should not work fine. On bare wire coils the
double Formvar coated wire has visibly less corona losses. 

Richard Quick

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