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> In my quest to peak out my system, I have mentioned that I am 
> going to rebuild my RF ground (once more!) and reconnect all my
> primary components with 3/8" copper tubing.  I was thinking 
> that I have more voltage potential that I have not used.  The 
> Powerstat variac is capable of putting out more than the 240 
> in.  I have not used that option yet. 

> I have two questions:  What connections are used for this 
> feature?  I think the terminals on the variac are numbered 1 -
> 5.  What is the maximum voltage, I heard someone say 280 volts,
> is this correct?  

The acutal rating is, I believe, 17% over the input line voltage
when the variac is wired for over-voltage use. You are correct in
that the terminals are numbered 1 - 5. In "overvoltage" mode the
variac is wired with #1 common to both input and output. Terminal
#2 is used for the second input. Terminal #3 is the second output
(wiper brush). Terminals #4 and #5 are not used.

> With 280 volts in, at 60 : 1, I would have 16,800 volts out.  
> Will this smoke my 15 KV Condenser Products capacitor?

Good question. Personally I feel the 15KVAC rms/pulse Condenser
Products capacitor could take it; but if it were mine I would not
risk it unless I was sure that other factors (voltage drop from
current limiting) were bringing the actual HV feed voltage back
to around 15 KVAC.

Richard Quick

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