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> >        My search for a suitable potential transformer continues.....
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> Mark,
>         I've read of people blowing potential transformers.
> Distribution transformers on the other hand, none. Distribution
> transformers are designed to survive near lightning strikes and
> therefor have a secondary voltage rating of several hundred thousand
> volts. I've not found references to exact limits yet.
>         Richard? Malcolm? Robert? Wallace? et al?
>         Regards,
>         jim


I have never heard of a good potential transformer being blown by anyone 
in the coil community. (old clunky used ones maybe)  It is possible, of 
course, to blow up anything in our line of work.  I currently use 2- 2KVA 
potential transformers in parallel and run them up to 10KVA on occasion 
in brutal magnifier service.  They don't even warm up after minutes of 
continuous on time.  More effort, care, and expertize is used in the 
construction of a potential transformer than any other form of power 
transformer.  Pole pigs are still the most robust, however.

Richard Hull, TCBOR