Re: Balance resistors

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> Subject: Balance resistors
> Richard Hull wrote:-
> > It is important
> >when series capacitors are hooked up to use about 50megs of resistance
> >across each cap to help divide the voltage equally.
> I had been thinking about this one myself recently. It is almost standard
> practice in in H.V. supplys when placing two or more caps in series to
> increase the working voltage balancing resistors are placed in parallel
> across the caps to enshure an even voltage distribution across them all.
> They also act as bleed resistors to prevent the caps holding a high voltage
> after the power is removed.
> What i was wondering was is it worth applying to my 15 section series cap.
> and what would the effect be on the 'Q' of the capacitor?
> Would the 50megs still be a correct value on this cap?
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Yes, the high resistance will be the best and keep from ruining the Q of 
the cap.  We have a number of .15uf 120KV radar pulse caps they have 12 
sections in them.  Each section is internally, under oil, shorted with a 
200 megohm resistor.

Richard Hull, TCBOR