Portable 10kW powersupply.

Hello all,

I recently acquired a 10kW 1-phase Ac-generator (150kg mass) and I am
planning to run it with a diesel engine. Has anyone any experience about
the control one needs to alterate the carburetor setting as a function of
power output from the generator? How do they do this in aggregates? 

The reason for this "little" power-supply is simply getting completely
disconnected from the mains - which I find logical with 5+ kW magnifiers -
and 1-phased power at 16+ Amps is not easily available here. 

Another possibility for running the generator would be to use a serious
amount of car accumulators and run them in series to a large (15kW?)
DC-motor but it does not seem to be too feasible as DC-motors at those
power-levels are not readily available and running batteries could cause
explosion risk because of H2 and O2 emission.. 

Any other ideas, anyone?


  Kristian Ukkonen.