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>Hi Alan,
>         You wrote....
>MW>     I reckon you should be able to achieve a couple of feet if
>MW>clearances don't become a problem which may well happen with the
>MW>secondary height you are using.
>> A couple of feet??
>> I won't hesitate to say that that would be an impossibility with 
>> respect to the specs.
>I'm curious to hear such an unequivocal no on this one. I have scored
>8" coronas from a small coil with an even smaller terminal using
>less than 100W powered by a car ignition coil. Why do you say 2' is
>impossible from 400+ watts?

If anything, the mere limit case theory due to resonance and its maximum
potential output.  Eventually, the coil just "melts" yielding no more
output.  By the dimensions given, the frequency is excessively high, thus
yielding a primary sub-harmonic even lower on the chain of electric excitation.
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