Re: Portable 10kW powersupply.

>The generator requires 3000 RPM for 50Hz. The RPM of the engine is
>not a problem as pulleys can be made to have appropriate ratios
>to, say, convert 1500 -> 3000..

If you use pulleys to drive it, the standard is  5HP per standard belt
>> I was up at a local nursury a couple of days ago and saw an alternator I
>> would love to have for running a coil. 40,000 watts continous! and 115000
>> surge. Of course it takes a 40 HP tractor to run it. It puts out 220v 3
>> phase.   Maybe I should see about borrowing it...
>My generator is from a "UPS" of a hospital.. I did consider acquiring a
>30kW 3-phase aggregate but it would have been HEAVY (about 1000kg) and my
>system really requires 1-phased power.. I could have got an old one from a
>ship quite cheaply..
>Does anyone know how much more HP the engine should have than the
>generator requires.. At 10kW and delta_fii = 0.8 it should require 12.5kW
>-> 17 HP to get 10kW out but how much more marginal should I have?
>Propably at least 20HP engine or more.. There are currently a 18HP gas
>engine and 30HP diesel engine available as surplus..
>My plans with this power-supply do include installing the
>engine+generator, pole-pig and control-panel on a car trailer and thus
>having an easy-to-move tesla power-supply.. That will enable me to do
>coiling in different places depending on power-levels - running a 10kW
>magnifier will require certain things about the place :)
>Thanks in advance,
>  Kristian Ukkonen.

If you use pulleys to drive it, the standard is  5HP per standard sized
belt. (10 HP, use two belts, ect.) I think that 18hp engine would do. In
fact, you can just direct couple the engine to the generator.

I think 18 HP would do it. My fathers portable welder will provide 8500
watts continous while welding. It has a 18 HP Twin cyclinder Onan. I'm just
curious, what brand is the 18HP engine? Briggs & Stratton?

Still the advantage of diesel over gasoline is the non-flamability of
diesel and no real electrical system except for starting/charging. If it
has an alternator, I would replace it with a old generator and
electromechanical regulator. Welding on a vehicle can blow a regulator,
alternator, or both. (My father has has this happen a couple times) I cant
imagine what the RF from a Tesla Coil would do to the charging system.


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