Re: Resistance of Oven Element

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>[I'm replying here because I'm at work and it's easier...
> Ed, I was thinking about Kristian's suggestion and realizing just what you
> are asking.  I have a variac that is indeed turned down to 0 when I tried
> to turn on the cabinet with the mulitiple oven elements in the circuit
> when the breaker tripped.  As I recall (I'm not at home now) the variac
> is in the circuit before the welder and pole pig.  Thus, there should 
> be no current to anything except the variacs (2 28A 220V powerstats)
> I also know that the oven elements are not in the circuit incorrectly
> because I checked it a couple times, and they never got hot until
> I turned up the power.  Do you think that the problem is caused
> by the variacs alone?  If so, Kristian's idea/suggestion still holds water
> -- Chip


I've got the same problem, I am at work and my Powerstat catalog is at home.
 They are certainly going to draw some power when the mains are energized,
even with no load on them.  I am thinking the catalog may tell us what this
current is.

Ed Sonderman