Re: Help w/ Chokes

> If your transformers are internally current limited and 10kV-at-.3A or
> 9kV-at-.4 A is all you will get, then I'd say use the 9kV units.  You
> will get 3600 watts available versus only 3000 watts for the 10kV.
> That's a full 20% more energy available.  If your transformers are
> not magnetic shunt limited then it is a tossup, since non-shunt
> limited transformers are always good for considerably more power than
> their continuous rating when driven for short periods of time in
> Tesla service.

I'm not sure if they are current limited or not. There is no spec plate and I just have to go on 
what the catalog (H&R) says: 5kVAC -at- 300 milliamps. There is a picture of one of the 
transformers on the www.ddlabs-dot-com/tesla.html site if that helps. I can run them right off of 
the line (no variac or limiter) without blowing anything so maybe they are linited? The GE part 
number is 9T68Y5021G10.

> When are you going to put more wonderful progress pictures on your
> 'This Old Tesla Coil' page?

Within the next couple of weeks. We've got some interesting construction techiques to share with 
everyone so stay tuned. I'll post a note when the site has been revised...   ...Jeff