Re: Pole Pig Ballast

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>Has anyone experienced this? Tried to run their pig with resistive
>ballast only? Inductive ballast only? No ballast;)
>	Quizzically,
>	jim

I did try running my 5kva pole pig with no ballast - once.  It wants to draw
more than 50 amps and would like to smoke my powerstat when the gaps start to
fire.  The arc welder is the only means I have found that will control the
beast.  I also have three 2000 watt oven elements in parallel with the

Scott Myers and I have talked about building a variable inductor to replace
the welder.  I believe we decided we needed a range of 5 to 25 milliheneries,
wound with wire large enough to carry up to about 50 amps.

Ed Sonderman