Re: Capacitor test results

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>Maybe the neon transformers with the cap and rotary across them as you 
>suggest. I just don't like the idea of the pig alone - in fact I don't
>really like the idea of running the cap with no effective load. The
>reversals are really going to test it. Some resistance in series 
>with the noen secondaries I think would be a good idea to minimize 
>spurious resonances that seem to occur with neons so you don't 
>overvolt the cap. I wonder if this thing's heat related? Were the cap 
>terminals warm at all after your runs? I admit this one's bugging me 
>heaps. Perhaps just run your system normally (normal run times) until 
>it fails, then check for heating at the terminals. You could also 
>check before running that the cap is normal (use an ohmmeter on a 
>high resistance range to check for charge current), then same again 
>when things fall over.
>     I'm sorry you're having so much difficulty. I just hope the same 
>thing doesn't happen to me at some stage. It really does sound like 
>it's going open circuit. Hmmmm....


I don't think it is heat related.  I have never noticed the capacitor
terminals getting hot - warm maybe.  It isn't something that works ok
sometimes and then quits.  Right now, it is in the failed mode all the time.
 Maybe I will set up a bench test using one or two neon transformers, the
small variacs, the normal high voltage filter board, static gap and a length
of 12 guage wire to simulate the primary.

Ed Sonderman