St. Louis "Science" Cente

Quoting Lawrence <lcwang-at-students.wisc.edu>:

> All right, who's responsible for the coil at the St. Louis 
> Science Center?!?!?  What's up with the coin-op?

I don't know who built the coil. It has been there since the
center opened. If I had to make a guess, I would say it was built
by D.C. Cox of Resonance Research. This is a guess only.

The coin chute accepts coins of any type, but sometimes they shut
the power to the coil off if obnoxious groups of kids are around.
The kids will stuff paper into the coin slide to switch the coil
on, and will leave it running until a safety timer shuts it down.

Normal operation for this coil is about a 1 second burst per coin
dropped, with about 20 seconds of off time before another coin
will trigger the switch.

While this coil is not bad from a "cabinet makers" point of view,
a serious coiler can beat this system in hands down performance.

Richard Quick

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