Re: Blown Cap

Hi Dave and everyone,

> Just quick question: what were the ratings of the 'Condencer
> Products' Cap th at you think has had the internal short? I'll be
> opperating in the 15KV region and j ust need to know what specs I
> need to shoot for? Thanks.

The unit is rated at 20kVAC (Scott could confirm other ratings) and
capacitance=25nF. I think the problem is an internal open circuit 
rather than short, but the factory is going to know that better than 
I. I think it may be an isolated incident but I'm almost scared to 
use my other one until I know. You saw the transformer ratings. I have
heard plenty of good things about these caps and the company and have
no reason to suppose this is more than an incident at this stage.
    However, I have to say that I got a "told-you-so" from someone 
else. Basically it's a wait and see while I contact Scott and try
and arrange a factory return. N.B. - the unit did NOT short - it still
worked at 21nF odd, but I daren't run it again like that for fear of
overvolting other internal units that may be additionally stressed 
due to uneven loading.