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>> I know there has been a lot of discussion 
>>regarding choke coils and I'm wondering if someone could guide me in 
>>building a pair of appropriate chokes. I have limited space for the 
>>chokes. If I use air core chokes, I can only accommodate a 2 dia. x 8 
>>coil form.
>RFI chokes between the TC primary and the HV secondary?

>RWS has had good luck with 120mH of air core inductors (until this

That's 140 mH, and yes, I've had very good results with these so far 
in limited testing.  My faultless record (absolutely no dry transformer losses)
is with the air core units in the 240-320mH range. 

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I wouldn't blame my transformer loss to the air core chokes used in 
this situation.  The dry transformer that blew, blew up when I was pushing
the AC input voltage higher than its 120 volt rating.  This was a flakey 
transformer anyway, I've seen corona in the gap between the winding bundle and 
the inside of the core metal in the dark before,  it probably would have gone
just running into a pure resistive load.

Happy coiling (dammit)!, rwstephens