First Coil Design (fwd)

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> > but have had trouble locating the G-10 (same as GAROLITE?)
> >material for a disk.  The locals don't have a clue so far.  I've seen 
> it in
> >McMaster's.  Any other (cheaper) mail-order sources for a 10" - 12" 
> disk or
> >a 10" x 10" - 12" x 12" sheet?  Best thickness??
> I have used 3/8" Lexan (polycarbonate plastic) for the rotor. 
> Unfortunatley I cannot get my rotory gap to do better than my static gap 
> so i dont use it. From a local plastic shop I got this peice of Lexan 
> for $1.50 per pound. The only real disadvantage of Lexan is that it has 
> a much lower melting temp than G-10 (which I believe is also called 
> phenolic).

G-10 isn't phenolic.It is a glass epoxy composite, typically green colored.
Often used in decent quality PC boards.

Phenolic is typically brown, and is a thermoset plastic with canvas or
paper as the reinforcing. Really cheap and decent electrical properties in
a benign environment. Look inside any radio or TV and you'll see phenolic.

The glass composite is much stronger than the paper or cloth composite. The
epoxy has better thermal properties and absorbs less moisture.

You might look for a number for your local "Morrison Molded Fiber Glass
Company" (MMFG) rep who make a wide variety of composites. They are sold
through Joseph Ryerson & Sons, Plastics Division.