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> Jim, Rich, all,
>      I just wanted to add that thorium is relatively harmless UNLESS YOU
> BREATHE THE DUST.  The alpha radiation is blocked by a few inches of air
> because it is so reactive (a helium ion deficient in two electrons = very
> ionizing).  If you happen to breathe even a little of the dust, this
> ionization occurs in lung tissue and becomes extremely damaging.  At 2%
> thorium,  these rods will send the typical geiger-mueller counter off the
> scale.   I also expect that a fair amount of decay products(daughter products)
> will have built up in the rods that are even more radioactive than the thorium
> itself.  I would suggest a respirator with a hepa type filter if available.
>    The lanthanide elements are somewhat toxic.  I would use a mask to prevent
> inhalation of the dust.  It just makes good sense to do so.  You will prevent
> possible irritation of lung tissue.  This goes with any activity that creates
> much dust whether the dust is chemically toxic or not.
> Mike Hollingsworth

Mike and all

When cutting gemstones some of the dust, (mother of pearl), is also very
damaging to the lungs. The best advice is to cut the rods wet and use an
ample flow of liquid over the cutting surface to remove the dust. Also
wear a mask as Mike has suggested.

Safe coiling and cutting,