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Hi Ed,

I agree,  Be very careful with inductors in the primary neon circuit.  You
can use inductors, but 5K or 10K resistors should be used to damp the
ringing.  I have been working on an RLC network that should protect the neon
and be able to absorb direct hits from the secondary system but it is still
being developed.  Also, be careful of the apparent capacitance of the neon's
terminals.  This can produce high current spikes into the neon which may
also cause damage.  Much mork work needs to be done on this subject.  It is
not trivial!


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>"This is probably a religious argument that will never be settled, but the
>value of chokes in an NST protection network, IMHO, is questionable.  My
>simulations and a series of experimental measurements made by Terry
>Fritz suggest that an R-C network is superior. "
>	My simulations here get the same answer.  They show that the
>probability of ringing of the series inductor, with resultant very
>high voltage across the transformer, is high.