McMaster Carr Mica Sheets

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On Wednesday, April 01, 1998 12:32 PM Mike Hollingsworth
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> ...I believe that three layers of this mica will prove to be adequate for 15kV
> neons, but I will post results when I confirm this.  I hope it works well as
> this makes for a nice compact cap.  It also is easier to put together than
> rolled caps and can be assembled under mineral oil to eliminate air bubbles.
> A 0.01uF cap can be made with 8 plates of 4 X 6 inches using three layers of
> this mica.  I cut 1 inch radius curves on the corners of the plates to reduce
> stresses so the area is 23.1416 sq. inches per plate.
Mike, you may want to try using Sunsil refrigerator compressor oil or a 
similar product, it has a dielectric constant of 5 which is closer to that 
of the mica than mineral oil's 2.3


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