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> Bill wrote:
> I'll have to look into this. People have been producing things they call
> "plasmoids" in microwave ovens using candles, but I don't have a large
> enough microwave with which to try this.  Unfortunately, I gave away a
> 750W beat-up microwave oven that I had earmarked for experiments.  I
> will be on the lookout for another one, however.
> Bill,
> Keep us(at least me) posted on what you find. I can get microwave ovens
> around here for just a few bucks.  Never thought about any experimenting
> with one.
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Bill & Russ,

I remember some time ago reading an article on the net about expirments
on making ball lighting in a microwave. This person stated he progressed
thru several expirments and came to the conclusion that the carbon in
the burning wick caused the plasmoids. In later expirments he he used
carbon dust sprinkled on a small wad of 0000 steel wool and got
plasmoids that lasted for several seconds, (inside the microwave). I
can't remember any of the other details, but would recomend that the
tests should not be made in a microwave that is used for cooking food!!!

You might search the web for this story.

Coiling in Ohio,