Resistance of pole pig

From:  Eric Davidson [SMTP:edavidson-at-icva.gov]
Sent:  Monday, April 06, 1998 11:18 AM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  Resistance of pole pig

Erik and all,

The best answer to your question comes from Mr. Gary Johnson. Use the
percent impedance figure on the tag on the transformer, this will give
you the maximum short circuit current. It will be several times the kVA
rating of the transformer. Distribution transformers are not like NSTs
in that they are not current limiting.  The idea is to keep the output
voltage as constant as possible with varying load current (good
regulation).  The one thing I would question in regard to Gary's
response, is the likelihood of opening the fuse on the distribution
transformer by shorting a pole pig on a Tesla coil. Unless the pig was
connected ahead of both the branch circuit breaker and the main breaker
for the house, these two overcurrent devices would trip long before the
fuse on the pole. It is unlikely that someone who is knowledgeable
enough to construct a Tesla coil would bypass these safety devices. Hope
this helps. Good luck and be safe!

Eric Davidson