Inductance (fwd) [correction]

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Malcolm Watts  wrote:

> When discussing single layer solenoids in the context of Tesla Coils,
> it should always be borne in mind that we are dealing with a
> *particular* case of connecting these inductors. They are connected
> to and worked against ground. For example, while Medhurst's Cself
> formula works brilliantly in this context, it would utterly fail for
> a coil in outer space unless that coil had a ground plane connected
> to it and sited below it.

I don't think so. A small highly conductive grounded plane close to the 
coil or large plane less conductive far from the coil result in the same
effect. At the limit, an infinitely large nonconducting plane at infinity
produces also the same effect. A coil will resonate in much the same way
when placed above ground of far in outer space. 

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz