Wood Welder TC

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>Subject:  Re: Wood Welder TC

>I open the unit up today and cleaned as much saw dust as I could get
>out without actually washing it out.
>I found that the last "shade tree mechanic" had installed the coax-ax
>connector incorrectly. It was shorted! This connector is a _Wood
>Welder_ manufactured item. A banana plug was soldered to the center
>conductor of the coax and a brass tube was slipped over the dielectric
>and under the braid. The last person to work on it had slid the brass
>tube so that it covered the banana plug also.
>I found that the 833As filament connectors had fatigued and 3 of the 4
>had broken. I used "bailing" wire to firm up the contacts until I can
>find a source for them. Does anyone have a source for filament
>connectors for 833As? 833A sockets?
> Regards,
> jim the wood welder - NOT


I don't have any 833A sockets or connectors, but if no one in our group has
any you might try several newsgroups that occasionally have some good stuff.
Try    rec.radio.swap,     rec.radio.amateur.homebrew,
rec.radio.amateur.misc   and   rec.radio.amateur.equipment.  There is always
a ton of items being sold swapped and discussed in these groups.  Good Luck