High voltage wire

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>> > >>Cheap source for high voltage wire?
>> > >>Maybe our suggestion?
>> > >Regular wire with some non-metalic rubber air hose around it.
>> Not rubber air hose.  Plastic tubing used for mcro-irrigation for 
>Hopefully not with the tiny slits for drip irrigation! > 
>> > You might be OK using clear vinyl tubing for a HV insulator...
>> > Yes, vinyl, but this is black, not clear,  and seems to work for 
> The stuff is black, which might be because they use carbon black as 
>pigment (provides good UV resistance, etc.). Obviously, carbon black is 
>something you want in something you hope is an insulator. Stick with 
>clear stuff...

I'm sorry about getting everyone going on the rubber hose deal but I 
have used orange high pressure air hose for insulating wire on my jacobs 
ladder (12kVrms 60hz). This is the hose with an inner and outer portion, 
with ?nylon? braiding in between. There is no noticable corona or 
discharge through the hose. I guess it is possible however that high 
frequency could cause a different effect?

Tristan Stewart