Wood welder

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Jim, fellow coilers,
 You wrote:

>I still don't know what this unit was meant to heat but, it will make
>a grand tube TC.  I paid $20 U.S. for it.

I can almost guarantee this unit was designed to do exactly what you 
tried- that is, to heat and quick-dry glue between pieces of wood.

My old (1942) book on induction heating has a brief chapter on 
dielectric heating.  Typical applications involved curing foam rubber 
(cushions and matresses) and for the production of plywood.

Even to this day, equipment of this sort is used in the plywood/lumber 
industry to cure glue while producing various laminates.  I saw a PBS 
episode where a large press would grab about a three foot tall stack of 
freshly-glued 4x8 foot plywood.  A grounded electrode was placed in the 
center of the stack, and the top and bottom electrodes were electrically 
hot. RF would heat the glue while the stack was under pressure. Cycle 
time was something like 30-60 seconds.

How large are the output plates/electrodes?  Is is somewhat portable or 
would it have been built into a cabinet or equipment rack?

Please let me know if you learn any more about your particular machine.  
Is there a pic of it on the web??

Welding wood isn't that hard - provided you have the right welding rods 
available... :)

-Bill the arcstarter
Starting arcs in Cinci, OH

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