Applications of the Coil?

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The Tesla "tank circuit" consisting of capacitor in parallel with a coil
(inductor) forms the heart of all radio transmitters and receivers
including radio, television, microwaves communication, radar, etc.   A
miniture version (modified for lower freq operation) appears in every
computer CRT and every TV set to drive the CRT -- it produces the high
voltages necessary to accelerate the electrons down the vacuum tube to
impact against the coat screen.  Tesla shared the patent for radio in 1946
with two Englishmen -- Oliver & Lodge.  The original Tesla coil developed
around 1871 was to increase the output voltage of Tesla's new high
frequency alternators.  Tesla discovered if the frequency is high enough an
iron core is no longer necessary, hence, the air core transformer named in
his honor -- the Tesla coil.


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> Subject: Applications of the Coil?
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> Subject:  Applications of the Coil?
> Originally, what was the coil created for?
> Are there any modern day applications?  Future applications?
> To what degree is the HAARP project related to the Tesla Coil?
> Are there any books discussing the applications of the coil?
> Thanks!
> Trevor