RSG electrode material

From:  R M Craven [SMTP:craven-at-globalnet.co.uk]
Sent:  Wednesday, April 08, 1998 12:59 PM
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Subject:  RSG electrode material

I am still trying to compile as much info on RSG electrode material as

The reason why is this: building an RSG is expensive, so I want to
make the best choice on metal for electrodes. Pure or thoriated
tungsten is costly, at least it is in the UK. The same goes for
tungsten carbide forms if they are in the right shape (1/8" by 1" rods
etc.), and other material such as Mo is almost as costly.

I've had good info off Malcolm (as usual), and Durlin Cox and Bill
Wysock. Who else can contribute information to help me out?

Check out this site:


I think Elkonite is a suitable material: low ablation rates, high
temp. working, easily machined using tungsten carbide tools. Pulse
Generators, I think, refers to Elkonite. The point is that the W/Cu
alloys will form protective oxides which further lowers ablative
damage. Craggs and Meek, Glasoe and Lebacqz, Sargeant and Dollinger
all refer to significantly improved gap life when run in an
oxygen-containing atmosphere.

Thanks in anticipation

Richard Craven, Malvern, England.