fusemelting game

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Dear all,

I have a coil 4,33 " x 17" +- 1100 turns 28 AWG, flat pancake 7 turns
slope 45 degrees (10" inside, 25"outside diam), supply is a 10kv 1000mA
platetransformer, 2x0.02 uF polycaps in parallel and a seriegap of 3x
0.025" spacing. Between trannie and tank are two rf coils (20 windings
thick wire round a ferrite core of 1 centimeter diameter, 220v is
applied via a choke (50hz) and a variabel choke limit the current. As
toroids i use three stacked toroids from about 20 cm diameter. Safety
gap over the transformer with in the middle a RF groundlead.

1) sparks are max. 20" before they strike the primary and are always
bending downwards. Is this good output? Max outputlength possible??

2) I have the feeling that my transformer doesn't use a 20th of his max.
output power because of to small caps? How to increase the input power?

3) When powering up continuously my automatic earthleak equipped fuse
trips. Any ideas??

4) how dangerous is inhaling OZONE?????? i was told that it can cause
cancer!! And a coil is an excellent ozone producer!! How big is the
change of getting x-rayed??? When and where does x-rays develop??

thanks already for reading these questions!  BTW are there any Dutch

BYe Arwin