DIY Ball Lightning

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> On Saturday, April 04, 1998 6:40 PM John H. Couture
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> >   Mike -
> > arcing. It was a completely different electrical phonomenon compared to
> > arc. The power source was a 750 KVA transformer close by so there was
> > of short circuit current available.
> John, I'm not so sure that a transformer is needed. I rem,ember reading 
> Golks's notes (I knowe he is not the most treust worthy source) where he 
> said that he generatet small (apx. 3 inch) plasma balls using a bank of 
> submarine batteries amd standard sub switch gear, what ever that is. But
> have heard similar reports from G.Is that were on the old subs. I'll look

> for Golka's notes on that and post a copy here when I find it.

I think the relevant parameter is a bunch of current, sub batteries or 750
kVA distribution transformer or whatever. There is a bit of literature
which talks about these switch gear induced plasma balls being distinctly
greenish (Cu ion emission?). Perhaps the arc blows off a cloud of copper
(or Al or whatever) particles which then burn down in a manner similar to
the carbon in the microwave candle scheme.  As pointed out in a previous
post, an emission spectra would be the desired thing here... Anyone out
there with a good diffraction grating and a fast camera.....