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Sent:  Wednesday, April 08, 1998 11:01 AM
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Subject:  diode

I picked up a diode about a year or so ago at a 
recycling place when i was looking for some used
steel plate. I saw some very large transformers etc.
and of course, just had to check them out. Inside one 
of these things was a bridge rectifier composed of
individual diode modules. I ask what it was but the
 guy did not know, they just cut the stuff up to get the 
different metals. I bought one of the diodes (out of four 
in the bridge) for $10 (I must have gotten too excited).
Anyway the diode laid on the dash of my car until this 
morning...last night I went to www.lod-dot-com and checked 
out the stuff on Electrum. Cool. Saw in the specs. that they 
use DC charging. This made me think of my diode...
It's made by GE part number SSR 100. About 8 inches long
with a cap on each end to snap into a holder like on a 60A
Buss cartrage fuse. The housing is black plastic perferated
all over (this was in an oil filled housing). Inside the plastic 
are several disks about 3/4 inch diameter maybe 1/3 to 1/2
inch long, can't tell without taking it apart, connected by
spring looking things. So- does anyone know what it is?
What are the specs?

On another note:
I'm planning to make a new secondary for a microwave oven
transformer. The present sec. is shorted. I have cut the core
apart and removed the windings. The present sec. is wound of 25
gauge wire and has approx. 1369 turns (calculated). Another MOT
of the same size (both have a label that says Warning 4000 Volts!)
measures 1.8kv on the output of the sec. Both primary windings
are 13awg and have the same dc resistance with a DMM. The second
MOT sec. is wound with 26awg and has a calculated 2725 turns.
I got some 32awg magnet wire surplus and am going to try to put 
as many turns on this thing as  I can...My question is- if I insulate
very well, and install an arc shield of .020 copper sheet between 
the pri. and the sec. can I leave out the shunts? This would give approx.
3/8 inch extra width for the sec windings. More turns = more volts!
Shooting for 7.5-8kv-at-150ma or better. the core and pri are rated
1kva with margin left over.
Any thoughts?