Resistance of a pole pig

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Subject:  Re: Resistance of a pole pig

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> Hi Jim,
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> >DC resistance can be measured with an ohmmeter....
> >The reactance is a little trickier. Measure the AC resistance at 60 Hz,
> >remove the contribution of the DC resistance, and you'll have the
> >reactance, unloaded. Of course, this doesn't measure the leakage
> >inductance.
> I was going to post about using the "short the secondary" and measure
> the primary inductance method, but using JUST hand tools;) requires
> one to measure the primary current from the mains!  The local
> electrical utility would not be happy.

The usual trick is to short the low voltage winding and apply the voltage
to the HV winding, which, of course, greatly reduces the current draw. I
have to do some analysis on multi (3 or more) winding transformers to
extend the technique.

> >
> >More at: http://home.earthlink-dot-net/~jimlux/hv/varvom.htm , which will
> >you how to measure all the transformer parameters "using only simple
> >tools".
> 	Your page is coming alone very nicely! When can I buy your
> book? 
"IF" it's ever done, you'll just be able to download it...

> Unfortunately, varvom1.gif does not display legibly even in 1024 X 768
> mode on a 19" monitor using netscape. I had to save the gif and then
> look at it with _Graphics Workshop_ to see the schematic. Even then,
> the "voltmeters" looked like they had a capital "S" in the symbol. 

Which browser were you using...

 I drew it in Visio, then cut and pasted it into Word, then saved as RTF,
then loaded into FrontPage... Anybody know of a good way to turn Visio or
Autocad drawings into decent quality GIF's.. Preferably in an automated
way, so I can keep version control
> note: all the other pics I looked at displayed correctly.