40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?

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Subject:  Re: 40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?

>From:  Steve Falco [SMTP:sfalco-at-worldnet.att-dot-net]
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>Subject:  40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?
>I am building some capacitors using .040" LDPE.  I was originally
>planning on building two units and putting them in series to get an
>adequate voltage rating. 
>But now I find that the H&R trannies I am using really only put out 
>the voltage they are spec'd for, i.e. really 2.5 kv each (without
>resonating caps), rather than 5 kv (with resonating caps).  So, I am
>wondering if a single layer of .040" LDPE will hold with two trannies 
>series (5 kv total voltage applied).  This would let me use 1/4 the
>amount of plastic, which is worth considering.
>If I assume 400 volts per mil of LDPE, then 0.040 * 400 = 16 kv which 
>slightly more than 3 times the applied 5 kv.  So, there would appear to
>be a reasonable safety factor, even allowing for peak voltage.
>Any opinions out there?  Will one layer take it or should I go for
>multiple series caps?
>	Steve Falco
I think that building your capacitor is one of the most important 
elements and would take into consideration what (if any) plans you
have for your next TC, e.g. 5nF 30 kV etc.   just my 2cents worth.
Bye ... Sulaiman