40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?

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Subject:  Re: 40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?

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>Subject:  40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?
>I am building some capacitors using .040" LDPE.  I was originally
>planning on building two units and putting them in series to get an
>adequate voltage rating. 
>But now I find that the H&R trannies I am using really only put out half
>the voltage they are spec'd for, i.e. really 2.5 kv each (without
>resonating caps), rather than 5 kv (with resonating caps).  So, I am
>wondering if a single layer of .040" LDPE will hold with two trannies in
>series (5 kv total voltage applied).  This would let me use 1/4 the
>amount of plastic, which is worth considering.
>If I assume 400 volts per mil of LDPE, then 0.040 * 400 = 16 kv which is
>slightly more than 3 times the applied 5 kv.  So, there would appear to
>be a reasonable safety factor, even allowing for peak voltage.
>Any opinions out there?  Will one layer take it or should I go for
>multiple series caps?
>	Steve Falco

Series caps are always best, but the .040 poly whould do OK provided you
hold your power down to under 2KW.  I have successfully used .040 up to
7.5KV when holding power under 1KW.  I suggest a flat plate design for lower

Richard Hull, TCBOR