Wood welder

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>Subject:  Wood welder
>Jim, fellow coilers,
> You wrote:
>>I still don't know what this unit was meant to heat but, it will make
>>a grand tube TC.  I paid $20 U.S. for it.

I was willing to buy it just for the cabinet alone. The rest has just
been gravy.
>I can almost guarantee this unit was designed to do exactly what you 
>tried- that is, to heat and quick-dry glue between pieces of wood.
Hi Bill,
	I talked to the man I bought it from yesterday. He confirmed
that it was (is) used to dry the glue during plywood or laminate

>How large are the output plates/electrodes?  Is is somewhat portable or 
>would it have been built into a cabinet or equipment rack?

Portable, the plates are 3" by 3/4" inside a ~4" square piece of
teflon(??) The "head" is hand held. The oscillator sits inside a 2'
high NEMA rack.
>Please let me know if you learn any more about your particular machine.  
>Is there a pic of it on the web??

Not yet, I'm looking for an inexpensive scanner. I blew my "fun" money
this month on a 19" monitor so I could read the screen;( (I'm an
independent Electronics consultant and draw schematics all day, I have
to be able to see what I'm doing)
>Welding wood isn't that hard - provided you have the right welding rods 
>available... :)

Every time I've used tooth picks as welding rods, I've burn my fingers