30MHz Spark Gap Testing - Is this real??

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>Having the gap across the transformer is a definite neon saver.  Be
>very careful about using inductors in the filter circuit.  They can 
>bad ringing as mentioned in my posted reports.  I have not been able to 
>my new filter circuit yet due to all this spark gap stuff.  This new 
>should completely protect the neon.  It should last forever unless one 
>up the variac too high :-))
>        Terry
First I'd like to say THANKS for posting all the 'scope shots.
I've not formed any particular conclusion yet, maybee I never will !

I do wish to point out that in your analysis of LCR filter for NST
your value for self-resonant frequency is correct,
BUT the series resistor of 1 kOhm will produce a "Q" of >5,
the filter is SURE to 'ring'. For your L and C you should have
5k6 or more per leg, or better increase both L and C.

All new data enjoyed ('fraid I'm currently more theory than practice!)

Bye ... Sulaiman

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