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>Subject:  diode
>I picked up a diode
> So- does anyone know what it is?
>What are the specs?
>On another note:
>I'm planning to make a new secondary for a microwave oven
>transformer. The present sec. is shorted. I have cut the core
>apart and removed the windings. The present sec. is wound of 25
>gauge wire and has approx. 1369 turns (calculated). Another MOT
>of the same size (both have a label that says Warning 4000 Volts!)
>measures 1.8kv on the output of the sec. Both primary windings
>are 13awg and have the same dc resistance with a DMM. The second
>MOT sec. is wound with 26awg and has a calculated 2725 turns.
>I got some 32awg magnet wire surplus and am going to try to put 
>as many turns on this thing as  I can...My question is- if I insulate
>very well, and install an arc shield of .020 copper sheet between 
>the pri. and the sec. can I leave out the shunts? This would give 
>3/8 inch extra width for the sec windings. More turns = more volts!
>Shooting for 7.5-8kv-at-150ma or better. the core and pri are rated
>1kva with margin left over.
>Any thoughts?
My thought (one a day is enough strain!)...
If you remove the shunts then you will have no short-circuit
protection at all, and resonant charging will not work.
I'd leave the shunts in place!  bye ... Sulaiman