Bottle Caps (sparks falling in water)

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Subject:  Re: Bottle Caps (sparks falling in water)

Mad Coiler wrote:

> I had a bottle cap 'blow up' once. It mearly punctured a hole in the
> side of the bottle and salt water sprayed out. Besides a little stain on
> the wall, all was fine. We actually kept running it to see the water
> spray out, well maybe we shouldnt have done that :)

About water and high voltage, a bit off-topic: I found in an old book a
picture showing a lightning stroke falling through the roof of a house,
and leaving the house through a window to a pool of water. It was reported
that the water climbed through the path of the spark, and entered in large 
amounts through the window. Another section in that book shows an experiment
trying to reproduce this effect, where a powerful spark from a wire to a
conductive container with water draws a strong jet of water droplets.
Can someone report on what happens if a spark from a powerful coil falls
in water? 

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz