Re:IR Lights & $29.95 vid cam - No. Cal gouls

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	Toys R Us has a very useful little toy video camera. Not a
good as a "real" video camera, but at $30 very useable for those of us
that don't have a camcorder yet. It is also IR sensitive with the
existing filter in place. Great for telling if that pesky IR led is


>Just thought I'd pass this along from another list-->
>Subject:      Re: $29.95 video cameras
>>> Toys R. Us is closing out the Tyco childrens video camera at $29.95.
>>> This unit contains a small single board camera that is easily removed.
>>> It has an onboard 5 volt regulator and pulls 50ma at 6 volts. Video
>>> output is standard NTSC composite, (RS-170) at 1 volt P/P into 75 ohms.
>>> Due to agc action, video level clips at 90 IRE units.
>>> Sensitivity is good including IR. It "sees" in total darkness with just
>>> a few IR LEDs providing light.
>>> While I would class this unit as "surveilance grade" it is certainly
>>> good enough for most hobby applications. Quality can be improved by
>>> replacing the plastic lens if you can break the glue loose.
>      ----------------------------------------------------
>and at following address shows inards(not for squimish)
>of the Tyco cam & info on the electronics and detail
>data on the chip. http://www.reality.demon.co.uk/tyco.htm

Awk, and a home made jet engine site to Boot! Just what I need,
another hobby;)