Spark Gaps

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>> Static gaps will work great out to 5,000 watts if the builder has the
>> experience to apply them.
>> Richard Hull, TCBOR
>To what extent is this dependent on voltage and current?  E.g., I can
>get 5000 watts as 5kv -at- 1amp or 15kv at 1/3amp.  I would expect the
>static gap to work better in the latter case.
>	Steve Falco
That is part of the "experience to apply them" comment above.  Generalities
are easy to come by and almost never hold in all cases, but you are correct
as far as it goes.  I would use micro gap spacing and 1/4" tungsten rod gaps
to quench the 1 amp arc and lots of gaps (15 or more) if possible.  The 15
kv arc can actually use fewer gaps with wider spacing but would quench much
fast with lots of gaps.  There is no reason why one arc would not be a
canidate for static gaps over the other if one wanted to go that way.

Richard Hull, TCBOR