Spark Gaps

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>Richard,have you ever made a static gap on a system using a 5kva pole pig ? If
>so ,I'd like to hear the details....no. and dimensions of
>tubes,spacing,cooling,etc. How did it compare to a RSG ?.......According to
>Einstein "static" is all relative..........
>      Dan

Sorry to take so long to get back, but I have cut back to two CPU periods
per week.

Yes, I have run static gaps at up to 6KVA personally.  Dave sharp in our
group has run them to 4KVA.  These are plenum blown vacuum quencher systems.
They work great!  I used 13 gaps and Dave had up to 16 in his old setup.
Gap spacing varied between the 2" Cu cylinders but was kept at least 10 mils
apart to reduce fouling time.  These were latter used in magnifiers with
common rotaries.  Nemesis used this method up to 13KW!  The rotary was run
almost zero gapped!

A 300 CFM vacuum motor spun to 15,000 RPM to suck outside cooling air
between the gaps into and out of the plenum.

Richard Hull, TCBOR