secondary suicide?

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With PVC once you have "carborized" the coilform with tracking or arcing
you will have to start over.  Sanding and grinding usually doesn't help
much with a coil that is producing a strong output (1- 1.5 times coil
length).  The problem usually begins if you are running an insufficient
ground.  Without an excellent ground the bottom of the coil doesn't know it
is the bottom and corona/flash tracking usually start (many times inside
where it isn't visible) and will quickly kill an overwise good design. 
When you get it rewound be sure you are using an excellent ground --
absolutely no aluminum -- only copper such as 4 AWG welding cable (thin
stranded with many small conductors).  Run the 4 AWG outside to your copper
ground rod.  Anything less than this will usually produce the results you
have experienced.


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> Subject:  secondary suicide?
> Last week I ran into a problem I had never seen before.
> About an inch up from the bottom of my secondary,
> an arc started to appear when the coil was running 
> between 5-10 turns of wire.  This started melting the 
> PVC of course, so I turned it off and unwound the coil
> up unto that point, removing those turns.  All went fine
> until last night where the same thing occurred about
> half-way up the tube.  I put solder between the space which
> was arcing (about 8 turns).  I figured it would stop the arcing
> at least by shorting those turns out of the secondary.
> It did there, but 10 minutes later another "leasion" formed
> in another place on the tube about 4 inches below the 
> second one.  What is causing this??
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