40 mil LDPE and 5kv Transformers?

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>I have two H&R's in series with my coil. My cap is 9 layers of 6mil poly
>per dialectric sheet. The cap is an interleaved flat plate type.  I would
>not recommend using one 40 mil layer. When coupled to a larger cap, between
>.08uf and .1uf, the transformers have a resonant rise. This rise can be
>detrimental,I really think that one 40mil layer is just below the safety
>margin. You want this rise effect because it helps the gap to break down at
>the lower H&R voltages. I found that the best gap is  a vacuum quenched RQ
>gap with close spacings between the pipes. My cap is .12uf and at full
>power (140v) variac input to the H&R's with 6 series gaps, the pipes need
>to be set just less than an eigth of an inch apart.  Don't let this bother
>you, the H&R trannies really perform despite what has been said about them.
>My coil produces 5' sparks and runs at 77kHz.  Just go all the way on the
>cap and make it BIG.  
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This is correct!  I would never make a high value... > .02ufd capacitor out
of a single layer of anything or a single capacitor!!!!!!!  under .015ufd a
single layer of dielectric is just great up to 10KV input, especially in a
well made flat plate design.

It is important to realize the level of current involved.  A .12ufd cap is
close to what Tesla used on his big 50' system in Colorado!!!!!!!(.156ufd).

I personally feel this is an outrageously large capacitor to place in a
Tesla system, but if you are stuck with low volts and can't buy a decent
capacitor of the pulse type then that is all there is to it.

Richard Hull, TCBOR