EMI/RFI filters

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to: Rodney

We parallel two 30's or three 30's to increase the value.  According to
Corcom, the manufacturer, this is a valid approach for use filters for
higher currents.  We typically run them at 60 and 80 amperes in some of our
larger systems.


> From:  Rodney [SMTP:seshat-at-palmnet-dot-net]
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> Subject:  EMI/RFI filters
> Hello fellow listers,
> Through my scrounging endeavers I have come across a 25KVA 208 3phase UPS
> for free!  It was hit by lightning and was scrapped.  My questions are;
>  1) Does anyone have the mathematical formulas for construction of
> filters? This unit has many parts that  can be salvaged such high current
> inductors and many AC capacitors.
> 2)Or does anyone on the list have any 50amp or greater EMI/RFI filters
> sale
> Rodney Stapivic